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Self Hosted Password Reset Page



Currently, there is support for only customizing the auth0 hosted reset password page to align it with the UI of the application. But, the page provides very few options for customization and thus hinders the overall user experience.

It would be a much better user experience if we can have a self-hosted password reset page.


What I would like to see is a way to embed the password reset dialog in a container of a self-hosted page like you can do with the “container” option of the Lock widget. Then you could set the reset password email to direct the user to your own page, on your own domain, with the embedded change password widget. That link could contain a one time code that looks up the user change password request with the code to validate the request and then let the user change their password. In this way, the user experience stays within the customer site.


This is also interesting to us as we don’t want to scare the user with a URL that comes from a foreign domain.