Selected application at resend activation email


in our Auth0 setup, we have multiple applications with different redirection url after email activation. If a user changes his email address we manually trigger a confirm email address email from the Auth0 web interface. In this case, a different application is selected, not one from the applications we created, most probably a parent one. Is there a way to specify here the application?
The problem is, there is no redirection URL specified for this main/parent application.

Hey there @andras.ratz and welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I wanted to let you know I am looking into this in a test environment and will let you know what I find. Thanks!

I apologize for the huge delay @andras.ratz, I wanted to reach out and find out if this is still a challenge you are facing. If so please let me know and we can continue to dive into this together. Thank you.

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