Securing a GRPC in Blazor Hosted

I used the following article to setup a new .net 6 Bazor hosted WASM application using Auth0. I adapted to use EntityFramework and REST (Api Controllers) and all working great. How to Secure Blazor WASM Applications with Auth0

On this project I wanted to test out GRPC as well to compare to REST before deciding what path to take and have calls working but obviously these are not yet protected.

Could someone please advise me how I can change this so the token or however else it would need to work is supplied and I can auth check these?

For reference, this is the two setups for HTTP rest and GRPC in the Client projects program.cs:

client => client.BaseAddress = new Uri(builder.HostEnvironment.BaseAddress))

builder.Services.AddScoped(sp => sp.GetRequiredService()

builder.Services.AddSingleton(services =>
var httpClient = new HttpClient(new GrpcWebHandler(GrpcWebMode.GrpcWeb, new HttpClientHandler()));
var baseUri = services.GetRequiredService().BaseUri;
var channel = GrpcChannel.ForAddress(baseUri, new GrpcChannelOptions { HttpClient = httpClient });
return new StudentsService.StudentsServiceClient(channel);