SAML integration with Okta

Has anyone successfully configured a SAML configuration with Okta? We’re testing Auth0 as an SP with Okta being the IDP, we followed the internal documentation with no luck when try testing the connection. Is there a sample Okta SAML application config that someone who has it working can share?


Hi @kdervisevic and welcome to the Auth0 Community! :cowboy_hat_face:

Okta is a fairly common IdP used to create SAML connections, I think we can definitely help. Would you mind sharing the documentation you referenced so I have an idea of where you’re at? Also what errors are you currently seeing, and can you confirm whether you’ve turned on Debug mode for this SAML connection?

Once I know a bit more about your setup, I should be able to advise a bit more effectively.


Hi @kdervisevic,

Thanks for attaching those shots, however would you mind editing them I believe I can see some potentially sensitive information. Please submit the unredacted photos along with your tenant info in a DM for me to review.

As you have debug mode enabled what errors have you seen in your dashboard logs? Additionally the Okta side may also provide some logging context for you to look into.

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