Safari with Free Plan in Auth0


We are using Auth0 free plan as we are a Start-Up FinTech in India.

We have read a couple of communication in the community (Eg. Call to authorize fails on Safari) and found that

  1. As in Safari and some other browsers, they block the third-party cookies so auth0 Login is not working.
  2. We found two options to the above issue

-> Enable a [Custom Domain] : which only available option in Paid Plan NOT in Free plan so will not work for us.
-> Provide a cross-origin verification page: It’s clearly written in doc ( that this option doesn’t work for all browser. So again it’s not an acceptable solution.

So the final conclusion is that using Free Version - auth0 will not work in the Safari browser.

We like to know

  1. Is there any other solution for the Free Version? In the latest SDK or Version?
  2. Is there any plan in the pipeline from Auth0 to fix this issue?

Thanks in Advance.

Hello @admin2 - welcome back to the Auth0 Community!

This is not something that we can control. We work as per Internet and security specifications, and the limitations that a browser might implement or not are outside of our control. The only way to bypass that verification would be by using a Custom Domain, as Safari would stop considering your cookies as third-party cookies.