RxJS Live - Las Vegas, NV, USA - September 5-6, 2019

Do you want to meet our team? @kim.maida and @sam.julien will be presenting:

Title: Subjecting State to Good Behavior
Speaker: @kim.maida
Description: Apps of all sizes need to manage state. What if we can’t afford the code cost and indirection of a Redux-like third party state machine? What if we don’t want to decouple our business layer? Let’s use RxJS to set up reactive, uncomplicated state management using behavior subjects, observables, and immutability. In this talk, we’ll explore scaling up a store with RxJS from extremely simple to more robust, and come away with knowledge that will help us gain a better understanding of reactive state management.

Title: RxWat!?
Speaker: @kim.maida & @sam.julien
Description: So you’re working on your application late one night and need to handle some data. Your app uses RxJS, so you think, “Great, this will be…easy? Let me just figure out which operator to use.” You pull up the docs (wait, no, not version 4, try again). You pull up the unofficial docs. Yeah, that’s better. Okay, looking for an operator…Distinct until what? What’s a forkJoin? These examples all have to do with multiplying arrays of numbers. Okay, what about these weird diagrams? Wait, what the heck do marbles have to do with programming?!

RxJS is fascinating and powerful, but the learning curve for reactive programming can be…challenging (to say the least). In this talk, we’ll take a light-hearted approach to demystifying reactive concepts, unfortunately-named operators, and more. Whether you’re already a reactive wizard or still a fledgling Rx apprentice, you’ll laugh (and maybe cry) while learning some new magic.

at RxJS Live.


Slides and resources will be shared here after the event.

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I’ll also be giving a talk with Mike Ryan, NgRx core team member:

Title: What Groups By in Vegas, Stays in Vegas
Speakers: @sam.julien and Mike Ryan
Description: What if I told you that one of the most useful operators in RxJS is also one you probably have never heard of? In this talk, you’ll meet the quiet workhorse called “groupBy.” Don’t let its understated nature fool you – groupBy can change your life! The groupBy operator thrives in heavily interactive UIs, like when users rapidly favorite a bunch of items in a list. When combined with some of the other operators like concatMap, groupBy really shines. In this talk, you’ll learn how to harness its power and take your reactive code to the next level. Using a framework-agnostic approach, you’ll see how to use groupBy to give users an excellent experience. You’ll also learn the why behind when to use groupBy and common pitfalls to avoid with it. Of course, you’ll also leave with sample code you can take back to work and start building from right away. Viva Las groupBy!

at RxJS Live.



Subjecting State to Good Behavior

Slides: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u820wzccfav49wy/rxjs-state-behavior.m4v?dl=0 (movie format)
GitHub: https://github.com/kmaida/space-state



Slides: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xdqygktyp2m9vpo/rxjslive-rxwat.pdf?dl=0



Slides and resources for my talk with Mike Ryan are here:

There’s a branch for mergeMap , concatMap , and switchMap by themselves, as well as one for using groupBy and another to demonstrate how to extract a custom operator.

Reach out to us on Twitter if you have questions:

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You can also reach out here and we’ll make sure to relay your thoughts to Sam and Mike!

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