Rotate application secrets

Multiple Application Secrets.

As for the management of signing keys, it would be interesting to allow an application to have more than one secret at a time. Azure AD provides this functionality with the addition of a mandatory expiration.
I know that this feature request have been already made.

We are using Auth0 for machine to machine authentication. We need to rotate secrets for security purposes, but will not be able to guarantee the simultaneous update of all applications. We therefore require apps to have multiple secrets so that the old “expiring” credential can exist for a time period while apps update to the newer secret over time.

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Thanks for creating this feedback card! Let’s see if it gets some traction from other community members as well!

Our company can really use this feature. We rotate secrets before a blue/green deployment. Green deploy is aware of the new secret. If Green fails its health check, Blue Gets rolled back. Blue is only aware of the old secret which is no longer valid. This causes immediate down time for us without user interaction.

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Thank you for advocating for that!