Revealing userid

Is there any problem with revealing user id in network request like is it ok from your side or we should not use user id in network request

Hi @pandeysumit832,

I don’t believe there is an issue as I’m seeing an example in our docs of doing this (Get Management API Tokens for Single-Page Applications). The user ID is revealed in the ID Token and (and most Access Tokens) in network requests that Auth0 returns.

Like what I am trying to do is I using auth0 user Id to maintain another 3rd party users data so is it okay to reveal autho0 userid with other 3rd party api service

To make sure I understand, you are maintaining your user’s data in another 3rd-party service, correct? Is the third-party service protected/private to your account?

Yeah we are on the same page

I am using 3rd party service to store users activity such as likes and comments and using the auth0 to map it as user activity

We have many 3rd-party integrations that do this in our marketplace (, and so this sounds appropriate.