Retrieve my Webtask source code

Hello community,

I am coming to ask for your help with the following problem: I used webtask in the past for a client project which is currently in production, I recently learned that the service has stopped its development, webtask endpoints are still working but I am not able to log in to retrieve the source code.

I have the choice to connect with the following services: facebook, github, google and microsoft but I cannot find my account or I may have deleted the account of the service that I had used.

I contacted Auth0 customer service but they didn’t want to help me directly and they redirected me to the community. How can I get my source code back?

I know I could have avoided this problem by being more serious but at the time I was just a young inexperienced developer…

Hey there!

I would like to help you with that! Can you send me the email you used for the account creation? Make sure to send it through a private message here in the forum.

Thanks for sending in the info. I already reached out to proper product manager and should have some news back shortly!