Response state does not match expected state

Hi all!

Wondering if somebody can help me. In my mobile application I have a use case where the user must be given the ability to log out after immediately logging out. However, if I log out, and then immediately call my login logic, I get the error from Auth0 “Response state does not match expected state

Does somebody have any advice?

My development environment:
-> Windows 10
-> Ionic 4, using Auth0 with cordova.InAppBrowser

Sample code - Calling code:

if (trigger === true) {
  await this.authService.logout();                       // Works correctly
  await this.authService.login();                         // Fails regularly, but not always
} else {
  await this.authService.login();                         // Works correctly if not preceeded by logout

Hi all.

Does anyone have some advice? Thanks!