Reset passrord page customization

I use universal login in my app.
And I try to customize Log in, Reset Password pages.
On log in page I have a success, but I can not understand how to customize reset password page… I enabled this customization, but can not see html and css (blocks, inputs, labels, buttons) for customizing as I can do on Log in page.
One thing which I can see is

    <div id="change-password-widget-container"></div>
    <!-- END WIDGET -->

What I need to do, to see html and css code (all this blocks, inputs etc.) ?
Thanks a lot!

Hey there!

Don’t you have something like that?

Yes, I have this template.
But I can’t understand where I can configure my HTML in widget.
For editing inputs fields inside this widget I can only use CSS styles ? Can I add third input, for example, as a custom HTML block inside this widget ?

Thanks for your answer.

How can I edit HTML blocks in this widget ? How can I edit texts in this widget ?
Thanks for your answer.