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Resending via management api doesnt seem to work

using the!/Jobs/post_verification_email it successfully creates a job, later I check on that job with /jobs/{job_id} and it says it’s completed, however I don’t receive the email. Normal initial verification works as expected. Could there be some setting I’m missing/ is it possible to see logs for these jobs somewhere? The test user had verification email sent but it hadn’t click on it.

Thanks, Jānis

Here’s a few things that you can do in order to try to obtain additional information about what’s going on:

  • after performing the API call check the tenant logs section in your tenant dashboard; there should be two log entries associated with this. One for the API operation that requested the email to be sent and another associated with the email sending process itself; on the success case you should have a success verification email request entry (svr).
  • configure a mail provider like in order to confirm if the issue is not related to email provider nor user email inboxes.

Thanks, looks like the issue is with our sendinblue SMTP, not auth0.