Resend Email Verification never sends

I have created a link to allow users to resend their verification email. I get a successful “Created Response”, however no email is ever sent. Looking at the Auth0 logs everything seems normal and is shows successful “API” and “Success Verification Email Request” logs.

The email address is legitimate and the original verifications emails send just fine.

The status toggle on the template is set to on.


I’m assuming that you already configured your own email provider as the built-in one is mostly applicable for trial testing. With that in mind it would be important to check if the custom email provider has logs that can allow you to confirm if the send email request originating from Auth0 was received correctly.

Doing the above will allow to narrow down the scope of thing to check because in relation to email it’s complex to distinguish between an email not being sent versus an email not being received.

You can also configure a test email provider to accomplish the same thing in a slightly different way (