Refresh_token grant required when creating spa with refresh token rotation enabled

When creating an SPA application via the management api, the “refresh_token”, “implicit”, and “authorization_code” grants are enabled by default. However when I try to create an SPA app with refresh token rotation enabled, I get an error “Application must enable grant type Refresh Token when Refresh Token rotation is enabled.” It seems as though it should already have the grant enabled based on the defaults.
If I explicitly provide the “refresh_token” grant in the request, it will be created without the error. Is this the expected behavior?

fwiw we are using the python auth0 sdk v3.15.0 and using the clients.create() method if that is relevant.

Example input:

    'name': 'test-spa',
    'app_type': 'spa',
    'oidc_conformant': True, 
    'refresh_token': {
        'rotation_type': 'rotating', 
        'expiration_type': 'expiring', 
        'leeway': 20, 
        'infinite_token_lifetime': False, 
        'infinite_idle_token_lifetime': True, 
        'token_lifetime': 86400
    'token_endpoint_auth_method': 'none', 
    'callbacks': [''], 
    'allowed_origins': [''], 
    'web_origins': [''], 
    'allowed_logout_urls': [''], 
    'client_aliases': ['test-spa'], 
    'client_metadata': {
        'tenantId': 'test-spa'