Redirect user to a page after email verification - invalid location header


I have a tenant with Verification Email. Each user needs to verify his email (rule) before entering the application.
Email is configured as following:

  "syntax": "liquid",
  "body": "./verify_email.html",
  "from": "",
  "subject": "Activatie e-mail",
  "resultUrl": "{{ application.callback_domain }}",
  "urlLifetimeInSeconds": 432000,
  "template": "verify_email",
  "enabled": true

Now, I have an application X which uses the authorization code flow. The application callback URL for example (I tried with both)

When the verification email comes in, user clicks on the link is redirected to:


The problem here is, when I use my domain, I would like to redirect user to /login-beta.html?activated which is not happening, even though, it’s the only URL in Allowed Callback Section. User is redirected to without login-beta.html?activated

Can you help me?