Redirect user base on the domain application is accessed from

We have Single Page App and the ultimate goal is to allow some of our users coming from a specific domain to utilize Auth0 login and for other users we want to display our login page hosted on our side. Or simpler do we need to use in all cases Auth0 login or we can somehow prevent this universal login in all times. Or event further does any of the Auth0 subscriptions allowing this?

Hello @ivceve,

Welcome to the Community! Universal Login is recommended but you can certainly roll your own login:

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Thank you ! Your help is appreciated. So here is my other question: what you would recommend if not all users are ready to use Auth0 so i want to continue with Auth0 flow only if user is accessing side from domain that is recognized as connection enabled in the Application setup?

I would want to better understand why some users aren’t ready to use Auth0. What is the use case that requires some users to use your own login page instead of Universal Login?

Ok here is a use case : given that single page app is having
Customer on domain A and there is other Customer on domain B. I want to have application in Auth O that as connection is having LDAP connector for domain A but is not having LDAP for domain B. So when i redirect my app to authO i want to automatically recognize Domain A users but i don’t want to provide universal login for customers in Domain B instead of that i want to show the login page that my app is already having. I hope this gives clarity of my situation.

Base of what i can see, currently if user is recognized from Domain that is configured in Application is prompting it with button: ‘continue with windows authentication’, but if i am not on recognized domain than is asking me to enter credential, so basically i want instead of my users to be asked to enter credentials for domain that they are not on, i want them to be redirected to my default login page.

I’m not sure if it is possible to do what you are trying to do. If it is possible then I suspect it requires that you write a front-end that handles all the logic.

For the users who are not in the LDAP directory, where do those credentials reside? Can you move those users into Auth0? Or are they in another database that can be connected to Auth0?

For users that are not in LDAP we have DB on our side and login from to authenticate them from.
What am trying to ask is can Auth0 determinate and redirect instead of us.
Example: If am in domain and in ip range configured in LDAP connection you guys are presenting the user with a popup with blue button saying: “Windows authenticate”
and if you don’t find the user in domain you are asking the user to enter domain credentials for allowed domain. That is a screen with username and pass fields with green button on it:
So is there a possibility to not show this screen with green button, if user is not in domain and redirect them to login page link provided in application setup under Application Login URI?