Redirect_url from reset password page isn't work (classic universal login)

I am using custom email provider Sendgrid I have set in the app allowed callback url
and set up in the email template redirect Url

in the loaded page I tried with liquid syntax adding to see if the redirect Url is passed from the email template and its not bieng passed
as I did in HTML

  <div class="content">
    {{ tenant.colors.page_background }} // it shows
    {{ application.callback_domain }} it DOES NOT show the redirect_url value
    {{ callback_domain }} // a far fetch 
    <!-- WIDGET -->
    <div id="change-password-widget-container"></div>
    <!-- END WIDGET -->

Hello @Rahmo. The documentation is not very clear on this point but I believe application.callback_domain is only allowed in the Redirect To field, not in the email body itself.

Are you saying the actual redirect is not working? Or you just can’t get application.callback_domain into the email body?

Thanks for checking so I want to get the application.callback_domain value in reset html page (not the email) so after getting the email and pressing the link from below

it will redirect to the reset html page
I need the redirect link to pass to a button I added in the classic experience. I just try something to fit our use case