Recommendations for Auth0 Consultant or Consulting Agency

We are getting ready to implement Auth0 for our service. It will require a multiple organization architecture. We would like to implement everything in strict accordances with best practices.

To that end, we are looking for an Auth0 consultant or consulting agency. We would prefer a person/firm whose primary focus is Auth0. The “Auth0 partner” recommendations we have received from Auth0 have been general web development agencies. Any recommendations?

This Auth0 forum post mentioned Auth0’s own professional services. Unfortunately those are only available to companies on Auth0’s enterprise plan (which we are not).

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

Hey there!

I added a few tags to your topic so it can be discovered more easily. As you’ve said and it’s stated in the document you referenced, we do offer high quality pro services as an element of Enterprise plan. Personally don’t know what will be the best place to hire a consultant with Auth0 stack knowledge maybe you’ll find someone here (hope so!). Good luck!