Received 429 Errors when Bulk Import Users Using Management API

Problem Statement

We received below when bulk importing users using the management API

   "statusCode": 429,
   "error": "Too Many Requests",
   "message": "message=There are 2 active import users jobs, please wait until some of them are finished and try again"

And For 200 status code, success response, we are getting this response:

   "type": "users_import",
   "status": "pending",
   "connection_id": "redacted",
   "connection": "redacted",
   "created_at": "2022-07-27T04:43:55.722Z",
   "id": "<jobID>"

We cannot run another import because they have pending jobs for more than 2 hours.


If you attempt to run more than the maximum allowed parallel jobs, this error will occur.

For customers/tenants on public cloud environments, the workloads of running the bulk import jobs are shared. For instance, each customer could run a maximum of 2 jobs in parallel. However, When many customer from different tenants submits too many bulk import requests simultanously during traffic spikes or peak hours, it could cause the delay.

A possible solution would be to move to a private cloud/ Layer0 tenant. With this, each customer can have dedicated worker processes without indirectly affected by other customers workloads during bulk import.