Quickstarts (.env) not generated properly anymore (without a user session on docs pages)

The quickstarts don’t generate the .env properly (anymore?). I’m logged in to the dashboard, go to my application, download the Node sample app, the .env file looks like this:

SECRET='a long, randomly-generated string stored in env'

though it should contain the client_id and Auth0 tenant URL, automatically generated.

The reason is that, even though I’m logged into the Auth0 Dashboard, I’m not logged into the Docs pages (Auth0 Docs), and the auto generation of the Quickstarts rely on that proper session from the docs pages.

Only after being logged into the docs page on Auth0 Docs, the generation works. I reported that or similar issue already a while back (when still working at Auth0), seems to be related.

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Thanks Mathias for reporting it! I’ll relay it to appropriate team!