Question on CONNECTION_NOT_FOUND error when bulk import

Hey team,

Our bulk user import has run into a lot of CONNECTION_NOT_FOUND errors. Thanks to the community, there is already a post talking about this error.

However, I’ve got a few follow up questions

The CONNECTION_NOT_FOUND error is returned if the user is in the broken state (aka orphan user, ghost user) i.e. there is an applicationUser but no user profile.

What actually is an orphan user, ghost use or applicationUser? We are importing users who are not in Auth0 DB, which I assume there are no user profiles. In addition, the links are broken now.

If the affected users are confirmed to be orphan users, there are two methods to fix this problem:

  • Please delete the orphan users via the “Delete a connection user” endpoint of management API:
    Auth0 Management API v2
    This method applies if there are only a few orphan users.
  • Enable the flag import_user_repair_orphaned_users. It will automatically deletes the orphan user and does a regular user insertion. Please reach out to the Support team if you want to enable this flag.

Is this still the recommended solution? If so I’ll reach out to the support to enable import_user_repair_orphaned_users after I get a better understanding about the cause of the problem.

Thank you!