Question about setting the callback for shiny server application

I am following the 4 steps doc for setting up auth0 with the open source shiny app server. I am not sure what to do with the callback. If I use the same subdomain as the application URI, I receive a message that there are too many redirects. If I use other combinations , i receive 404 errors or timeouts.

So my question is what do I do with the callback? Is it a directory where I put my programs? Do I set another port (as it seems from the vignette for the auth0 package)?

Some concrete examples would be great.

I am using the latest versions of node.js, shiny server, shiny-auth0-plus from git and running on AWS under Ubuntu 20.04. All packages and programs were downloaded as of 27 Dec 2020. Ubuntu is updated as of 28 Dec 2020.

Thanks for any pointers/help. JHL

I answered my own question. For those new to Auth0, the use of the in the callback field does not need a function or directory in your program called callback. Callback is consumed by Auth0 and passes to the program behind

As I am using the open source Shiny App Server, the .env file in /src/shiny-server should have the shiny_server set to localhost

With those changes, a successful authorization passes to the shiny server.

Before I changed the local host and added /callback, the pass-through was failing with too many redirects.

Hope I explained the fix and it helps someone else. Regards, JHL