Programatically login user with useAuth0 hook and react

Node v14.15.1

Hi, currently I am using Auth0 with the useAuth0 hook in a React app in conjunction with the Auth0 login page to log the user in. I can then grab the token and check for authenticated using the hook in my app and it all works great.

const { getAccessTokenSilently, isLoading, isAuthenticated, error, user } = useAuth0()

Now I want to programatically log the user in after I post to a signup method which exists on my back-end. I make the API call to create the user to my back-end which calls the Auth0 Api and creates the user. Now this works and the user can now sign in with their new credentials. But I was wondering if was possible to log the user in automatically at this point as they have just created their account. I have the Auth0 token I’m just not sure where to put it. I don’t see anything in the cookies or localStorage so I’m not sure where I should store this token so that useAuth0 hook can recognize and parse it. Do I need to use the full javascript SDK as opposed to just this hook? Or is there a way I can inject this token somewhere so that Auth0 recognizes it.