Problem with third party apps and database connection


I am not able to get my third party app to use my database connection even though I have promoted the database connection to domain level and enabled OIDC Dynamic Application Registration for my tenant. The database connection gets disabled when I convert the app to a third party application and when I try to reenable it I get the following error message: “Error! third party clients are only allowed on domain level connections: 9GjPFIMvDvD8YlIFImwYhijGeoZxgw9W”. Is there something else I need to do or is something incorrectly configured?


Hi @martin.gredin,

Thank you for posting this! This is a known issue at the moment and the Engineering team has a backlog item to fix this soon. I cannot provide you an exact timeline but it will be fixed soon!

Hi Supun,

Thank you for the answer, I guess we´ll just have to hold off on that feature until the issue is fixed.