Problem understanding SSO

Hi all,

I am creating two different web apps, hosted under their own respective subdomain, so lets say and

I have created an SPA app in Auth0 which I currently use to secure and provide auth/sign in capabilities to app 1.

What I want to achieve now, is that users who are already actively signed in into app1, can just browse to app2 while already being signed in (the user db should be shared across both apps), but all I can read about SSO with Auth0 is that it integrates with some 3rd parties like Microsoft 365 etc.

But how to offer a seamless experience in my case?

Those are two apps (a frontend and a backoffice) which will be used interchangeably by a common set of users, but need to be scaled independently (thats why they are 2 apps instead of 1)


Hi @jarrich.vandevoorde,

Welcome to the Community! The short answer to your question is: as long as both of you apps are set up as apps (clients) in Auth0, then you can achieve single sign-on between them thanks to the user’s Auth0 session. When you user logs in to app1, a session is established for them in Auth0. When they go to app2 and you try to log them in, they will be recognized as already logged in and the login flow will complete without asking them for their credentials.

3rd party integrations like Azure AD, 365, G Suite, etc., are only relevant if you want users to be able to log in with their credentials from those services. Even then, SSO is a function of the user having an active session in Auth0 itself.

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