Preselect "connection" in Azure Static Web App via "staticwebapp.config.json" file

In the staticwebapp.config.json file in the root of the repository deployed to an “Azure Static Web App” resource one can configure a custom authentication provider within the auth section (see Configure a custom OpenID Connect provider).

In my case I added Auth0 by help of the post Using Auth0 with Static Web Apps, which works quite well.

My problem: I have to to preselect a specific “connection” from several identity providers, but don’t know how to configure this via the staticwebapp.config.json file. If this is not possible, there are no benefits in using “Azure Static Web Apps”, as the authentication integration is configured really really easy there and I’d like to see this implementation in many more apps in our company in the future.

In the Auth0 documentation the connection parameter is described in the webAuth.authorize() section. Is there a way I might configure the “connection” paramter via staticwebapp.config.json file or a small workaround using the Auth0 JS SDK in the SPA?

No idea anyone? This would be really necessary for an easy Auth0 integration for many following projects at my company :pensive: