Port current accounts to auth0

How can I do this??

Also, following me resolving this issue, I want to know how I can access wordpress pages after logging in and receiving a token in my iOS Swift app… Do I need to include the token in the header and make some basic requests?

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To achieve single-sign-on (SSO) where the user logs in into one app and goes to another application and does not need to log in again, there’s no actual communication between the different apps (i.e. the iOS app and the Wordpress site).
What happens instead is that when the user logs in for the first time the identity provider (Auth0) leaves a session cookie.
When the user lands on the second application (the Wordpress site), the app will ask the identity provider (Auth0) for an authentication, but this time (provided that the user is using the same browser) Auth0 will know who the user is and will return a response to the application immediately without a user prompt.
You can find more information about the process here: https://auth0.com/docs/sso/current/sso-auth0

On a mobile device (and specially on iOS) there will be some nounces as iOS will prevent sharing of SSO cookies on some cases. SSO will only work if Auth0 gets the SSO cookie that was created after the first login.