Plugin incorrectly handling different log in methods with same email

I am reposting this as this is an ongoing issue that is important for our site.

We are using the 3.11.3 version of the auth0 wordpress plugin and according to the docs at step 8 it should allow a user to log in even if their auth0 user ID in user_meta doesnt match the one in auth0 to suceed as long as their email is the same (it will apparently search for a matching user email).

For us however this is not working, this means that we are unable to have users currently log in with say google when they already have a username / password login with the same email. It will instead throw an error. The docs seem to indicate that this type of scenario should be fine as it will match by email if the auth0 ID does not initially match and update accordingly.

Any thoughts on why this may be happening? Does this work as stated in the docs for other people?

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Your Custom Database is not completely migrated to the Auth0 Database.

Since the users from your custom database haven’t login yet, they don’t exist in the Auth0 side and because of that you can’t link those users with those already created in the Auth0 Database.

Please, notice that “Account linking” is a paid feature (starting on Developer Plan).

After the migration is done and once the “custom database user” logins, you would be able to link both accounts.