Please Help - auth0.handleRedirectCallback() -> Error: Failed to verify code verifier

Hello All,

I’m a novice learning how to authenticate my SPA (via Realm GraphQL) users with auth0. I managed to get everything wired up properly (I think) and I’m using the New Universal Login. My issue right now is that upon authentication and redirect auth0.handleRedirectCallback() is having issues.

Error: Failed to verify code verifier

My auth0 client settings look like this:

“domain”: ‘MY_DOMAIN’
“client_id”: ‘MY_CLIENT_ID’,
“redirect_uri”: “REDIRECT_UR”,
“useRefreshTokens”: false,
“cacheLocation”: “memory”,
“audience”: “MY_API”,
“scope”: “openid profile email”

I’m not sure what it is I’m leaving out or have to correct. I have a .har file that shows the entire process of signing in and the redirect. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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I’m getting this same issue in a VueJS SPA. Did you ever figure it out?

@lee.conlin I wasn’t able to figure out what was causing the issue. I was loosely following the Quick Start guide (Javascript). I eventually got everything working by accident while attempting to clean up the code. It would have been nice education-wise, to understand what the issue was. Good luck.

Just in case anyone else finds this thread and wonders on the solution we found… in the end we swapped out our implementation for a dedicated VueJS package - vue-auth0-plugin - npm