Passwordless with Identifier First


In my application, I have enabled two connections: Database (Username-Password-Authentication) and Passwordless (email).

The registration is disabled. Only users added by admin can log in to the app. I have added two users:

User 1 - he was added via Bulk Import without password and assigned to “email” connection: I would like the only way for him to log in to be Passwordless via code sent to his email.
User 2 - he was added in the administration panel in a standard way and the password was specified for him.

In the app, I have enabled Identifier Frist Authentication Profile:

I was hoping it is working in such way that if I put into a login form User 1 email, Auth0 recognize that for this user a primary and the only connection is Passwordless and in the next step I will have Paswordless email form:

Screenshot 2021-08-11 at 12.07.17

Instead, a standard form with a password appears but this user does not have a password so he can’t log in…

Am I doing something wrong? How to make it work?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Did you find a solution for this? That’s pretty much exact scenario we are trying to accomplish, a mix of magic link and password users, and identity first would be the perfect solution.