Passwordless verification

I’m creating a Passwordless user via the Auth0 Management API with the following parameters:

“connection”: “email”,
“email”: “”,
“email_verified”: false,
“verify_email”: false

And I’m expecting not to receive an email on that address since the parameter(verify_email: false) is set to false. However I receive an email on that address which urges the user to confirm their account in the next 5 minutes.

I’m using this endpoint.

Please advise.

Hi @loredana.dolha

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The following practice is not recommended and it is an antipattern. Best practice is to let the user verify their emails unless you have done your due diligence

Since you are passing email_verified as false the system will send a verification email. Try using email_verified: true.

Hope it helps

Thank you

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Hi Jeff,

Thank you for the welcome and quick response!

I understand it’s not best practice to skip email verification. We don’t intend to skip that bit.

We want the email verification step to be done at a later date, not to be triggered automatically when we create the user on Auth0.
Can we do this in any way?

Thank you,