Passwordless login passthrough of email name & tel to chat bot via AWS?

Hi, Im a newbie, and a clinical Dr. Im developing a React Gl web-based app check-in also a suicide prevention tool needing a quick web-based login.

My login box I’m envisioning has email link sign-in only - no password needed.

Also user has option of placing full name and tel in separate info boxes. After user logins, I want to chat bot to open.
Is there a way to place full name and tel in chatbot?

Im thinking it could be done with AWS API, where an event is created with info, then chat bot calls for this info on start up. Would this be a lamba function for login purposes or better to interface with a MySQL serverbased?

Please comment fully if this is the best way, or is this data held in Auth0 and can also interface w pubnub chatbot in a hippaa framework which may reduce latency/seamless for login purposes, or another way that login info can be seen?

Thank you,