Passwordless: emails arriving one hour after submission

I’m using Passwordless email connection and currently the emails with one-time password take 20 or more minutes to be delivered. Even though in the Logs dashboard I see them being sent immediately.
Is there a way to debug this issue? May it be related to the fact that I’m using a free plan?


Hi @Darya,

This is hard to debug without a lot of information - which e-mail provider are you using in Auth0 and where are they being sent? E-mail is complex and a lot of things can happen, most of them not having to do with Auth0.


Hey @john.gateley, thanks for answering!
I’m using the mail provider offered by Auth0. And the emails were sent to addresses, hosted by gmail or yahoo.
The issue is solved now (email are delivered almost instantly). I would however like to know, what can I do if I face the same issue in the future. Would you be able to give some advice?