Passwordless authentication using custom database

Hey All,

I am using Auth0 for my employer’s project . I am planning to use custom DB in the starting and will eventually migrate our users to Auth0. i already checked normal username + password authentication with custom DB , but when i try to check passwordless authentication i get a very generic error saying “something went wrong” and i am unable to login , i don’t even get the OTP on that email and i couldn’t find any relevant help on the community for this topic .
Does custom DB support passwordless authentication ?
I am already aware of the fact that users are not created in Auth0 when we use custom DB.


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Hi @mudit_srivastav

Passwordless is a different connection than your custom DB connection.

You will have to configure the ULP to support both connections, and this takes a little work.

Also, you should check your tenant logs to find out exactly which error is happening (any time you get the generic “something went wrong” this is where you look). Take a look at the logs and see if they help.