Passwordless and DB Migration

Hello, I am new to Auth0 and have been poking around a little bit.

I’m primarily interested in the SMS/Email passwordless login feature since I deal with a rather unique group of end-users.

Here’s some things that I’m struggling to understand or test:

  1. Can I have a passwordless login screen that asks for “email or phone” instead of just “phone”?
  2. When a user logs in via passwordless, even if they do not exist, they seem to be prompted immediately for SMS OTP and they are automatically created in the Auth0 user database. How do I prevent this (and redirect them to sign up instead)?
  3. When a passwordless user is created in the Auth0 database, I don’t see a way to update that user account with an email address from the Management dashboard.
  4. How do I perform a migration from my database? I looked at the Login and GetUser Database Action Scripts and…
    a. Login takes an email + password as parameters, so it does not seem to be for passwordless
    b. GetUser is never called, or does not seem to work
  5. How would MFA work for SMS passwordless? Would it still send an SMS again? What if the user is not logged in during the MFA attempt?