Passwordless Access Code Email takes a long time to send

When logging in with the passwordless option, it takes a long time (sometimes 5 minutes) for the email to send out. We are using Sendgrid, and it takes quite a while for the email to show up on the Sendgrid dashboard, so I am assuming Auth0 is taking a while to trigger the email.

Is this because we are on the free tier? Will upgrading to paid help with this?

Hey there!

It’s certainly not an issue of a free tier. What stack of ours do you use for passwordless? Is it web? If so can you check in the developer tools the status of the http request once you trigger the passwordless flow? In real do you get the email sooner and the delay is only on the SendGrid dashboard side or do you also need to wait that long to actually receive the email?

Currently using classic universal login with Lock v11.25.1

Yes, needed to actually wait for the email.

Somehow it started working quickly again today with no changes.

Is there any way to see these emails being sent in Auth0?

Hey there!

Sorry for the delay in response but it’s been a really long holiday season and from time to time we’ve been experiencing some bandwidth hiccups.

I checked the changelog for Lock and since you started the thread they didn’t introduce any fixes regarding that so my guess is that it must have been some temporary issue.

When it comes to see the email being sent it’s only viewable on the SendGrid Twilio end.

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