Password Reset: Customise the post-request screen (Universal Login)

I have successfully used the management API to theme the New Universal Login page templates for login & password reset.

However, the panel shown after a reset request is not adhering to the theme correctly (see below)

  • The icon is not the logo that is configured on the other panels.
  • The button bg colour is white, not the brand colour configured on the other panels.
  • Large amount of whitespace under the content (due to a min-height style).

Using Auth0.js client you can update the login/signup templates, but there is nothing I can see in there that allows “password-reset confirmation dialogue” theming.

Hey there!

Unfortunately I fear that theming password-reset confirmation dialogue is not available yet

Hi Konrad,

So… does this panel look like this for everyone?!

I’m using the New Universal Login experience - which is the default for new accounts. So the styling of this panel looks like this for anyone using the default system? How long has this been broken? Is there a fix in the pipeline?