Outlook breaks some password reset links

We’ve received reports of some users being unable to reset their password, as the URL was invalid.

The URL of the password reset is altered, so that it contains a question mark, followed by a space, between our domain name and the slash after the domain name.


Reset your password

Usual (correct) result:

Reset your password

Outlook result:

Reset your password https://our-url.com! /lo/reset?ticket=alekfjjleakfkjaljfelka#

(I’ve added indentation here for ease of readability)

While obviously what the email client does is not under your control, I hope that you may have encountered similar problems sometimes so that maybe you know how to deal with that.

As of now, we know that:

  • not all of the Outlook versions are affected (I’ve tried with mine and it worked fine)
  • we don’t know which version is (neither if it is desktop or web or what - apparently it isn’t mobile, though)

Hope you’ll be able to help somehow :no_mouth:

Will upload the code snippets here, instead.snippets.txt (1002 Bytes)