Other people cannot access via Google to my app

Hello, I’m new to the forum, thank you in advance for your help. I’m going to use Auth0 as a login platform for a College project, as I need to make sure peolpe can login to my app via Google.
I’ve created a simple Kotlin application following a tutorial (from a third-party developer) but only I can login via Google. The login method “username-password-combination” works for everyone once I add their data to Auth0 database, but anyone trying to use Google encounters a “Unable to access, try again”" error. I can login via Google with two diferent accounts but from the same device. Is it a problem of my app or did I configure something wrong in Google Developer?
If you need further information just tell me and I will provide.
Thanks a lot, have a great day.

Hi @Farraffn

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Can you please check your Auth0 tenant logs for errors ?