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OSS: auth0_password



I’ve just published a ruby gem today. I’d like to get your feedback.


Auth0Password is a Ruby gem to generate random password for Auth0 database connection.
The password can be generated appropriately to each of Auth0 password strength (excellent, good, fair and low).


# excellent (the password doesn't have more than 2 continuous characters)
#=> "t#bB%3OE"

# good (the password has a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter, and a number)
# => "$$%jc56I"

# fair and min length of password is 10 10).fair
#=> "0FyfccH62y"

# low
#=> "b$3XAQgk"


Hey @mnc! Great job! To gain you extra exposure for potential usage and additional feedback I’m moving it to our Community Corner and adding Show Your Auth0 tag. Keep up the good work!


Hi @konrad.sopala! Thank you for your kindness. I’ll develop another oss. I’ll try my best!