Organizations setup of B2B app: Is each internal "client" an organization?

Hello everyone,
I am currently trying to figure out how to utilize the Auth0 organization features in the best possible way.

We have a B2B tool that has an internal “client” structure already. Each client has multiple users.

As we plan to activate specific “organization” features on demand for our enterprise customers (SSO, IdP, etc) I wonder how an Auth0 organization setup would look like.

Scenario 1: Each client get’s a newly created organization on sign up: 200 clients => 200 organizations

Scenario 2: Only clients who want to have enterprise features enabled, the rest runs through a default app organization, let’s call it “Name of Tool”: 200 clients => x enterprise organizations, 1 default organization (where X is the amount of clients who want to have those features enabled)

Happy to hear your thoughts.