Optional organization prompt on new universal login screen

We’re building an app that will allow users to log in with and without being part of an organization. Everything is working as expected, except it doesn’t appear the new universal login pages support making organizations optional. It’s either always required (if setting is teams only) or never shows (if setting is individuals / both).

We’re not using any custom templates or actions at the moment and would prefer to keep it that way if possible, but it doesn’t look like there’s any way for a user to provide an organization name when the “What types of end-users will access this application?” setting is set to “Both” for an application.


An even better option would be after logging in, show a list of organizations the user is a part of so they can select one to proceed, but I don’t think anything like that currently exists, so I’m hoping we can at least get the organization field to show up during login as an optional field.


This would be a great feature. My company is using organizations, but we also want to allow our developers to access multiple organizations from a single account.

Right now we have both organization and non-organization logins accepted, but that results in some unexpected states. I know we have some clean-up to do to get our users all using organizations and that should fix most of the problems, but this would be a great alternative.