On page reload Auth0 cookies getting clear and page not found

Issue:“After the user susussefully login with MFA, when a user tries to reload(F5), the page is loading with an error.”
all the MFA and auth0 related cookies getting deleted and the page showing page not found page.
Below cookies getting clear:

Hi, @babu.vk thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Auth0 Community! :star_struck:

Are you testing this in an incognito window? By default Chrome’s Incognito window will remove 3rd party cookies unless explicitly disabled. Can you reproduce this on other browser types?

If you don’ believe your browser settings are removing these cookies, I’d recommend recording a .har file and sending it to me in a DM for me to look into it further.

Please also include your tenant name when you send me the .har file so I can look into this further.

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Thanks for helping on this one Colin!

@colin.coutts yes it was happening is all the browser so now changed the rule to MFA a per session so that got fixed .
now big challenge what im facing is we need to allow end-user to change MFA phone number not like every time go to admin and reset MFA .
can you please help me how to unable phone number (update)edit screen for MFA