On iOS, last user is always automatically logged in again

I am using auth0.swift (version 1.35.0) on iOS 14

When the user chooses to log out, I call
Auth0.webAuth().clearSession(federated: false)

After that, I start a new login procedure by calling

The Safari browser opens, but instead of showing the login-username screen the browser immediately closes again and the previously logged-in user is logged in again.

What should I do, to allow logging in with a different user?
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hey @robrecht.scheepers, Welcome to the Auth0 community!

Can you please let me know what connection type are you logging in with?
Is it an external IdP?


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Hi @sidharth.chaudhary,
the user that I am testing with uses Username-Password-Authentication


Hey @robrecht.scheepers , Have you added, “Allowed Logout URLs” setting in your application?
Which gives the redirect location.