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OIDC Issuer metadata missing


We are currently experiencing a problem using the new oidc connection. When I create the connection, it asks for an issuer. The problem is that when we enter the issuer, it returns the error :
Issuer metadata missing the following attributes: response_modes_supported

When I query my .well-known/openid-configuration, I do get a result but it indeed doesn’t contain the attribute response_modes_supported. We opened a ticket about this on our IdP support, but I’m pretty sure this won’t added in a nearby future.

Is there any way to bypass the research of this response_mode and configure it manually ? For exemple : to manually set the response mode to authorization_code in the configuration ?

Thank you and best regards,

Hi @kevincharbonneau

We are currently working on supporting metadata documents that don’t specify response_modes_supported, and assume it’s [“query”, “fragment”] as specified by the OpenID Connect Discovery spec. We’ll also support using the Code Authorization flow.

Can you share which IdP are you connecting to?



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Hello @andres.aguiar !

Thanks for your reply, we are connecting to Gluu as the IdP. The code authorization flow is, to my knowledge, supported. Let me know if you have a way to specify it manually !

Best regards,

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Also for Google -

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Also for Amazon Cognito -<USER_POOL_ID>/.well-known/openid-configuration (at least ap-northeast-1 region)

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Thank you a lot everyone for providing all that feedback!

Hi, @rv2, @kevincharbonneau

We shipped a new iteration of the OIDC connection that does not have this limitation.

New docs are here

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Let us know if you have any questions regarding that!