OIDC Integration - Error

We are trying to Integrate Keycloak with Auth0 as an Enterprise Connection (Authenctication → Enterprise → OIDC). We have enabled a regaulr web app for this connection. When trying this setting out, We are able to reach Keycloak, autheticate and come back to Auth0. When request reaches Auth0 we are getting an error that says "Access denied: mismatched application-connection pair: connection=Keycloak application=All Applications"

Please can someone help how to resolve this issue?

Hey there Shiva! Welcome to the Auth0 Community and I apologize for the delay in response!

I would be happy to dig into this with you but we would need a HAR file to see exactly what may be occurring. When you get a chance can you snag us a HAR capture of the event occurring and send that paired with the tenant name in a direct message over to myself & @rueben.tiow in the same message? Don’t forget as an Enterprise customer you can open a support ticket and work with one of our engineers directly as well! Thanks in advance!