Object Storage service + Service API + Auth0

Hello everyone,
In our new project, we are looking for a “object storage service” which can be easily integrated with Auth0 to restrict the access to our files and only specific users can have access to the files.

  1. the stored files on online service, needs to be accessible via API.
  2. the online service can provide a capability to create customized API wrapper/script, so we can write our own customized web service ( API ) to validate Access Token before sharing/publish the URL of file.

I really appreciate if someone has implemented similar scenario, share with us their experience or the online service they utilized for their case.

Hello @nima0102,

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I’m just throwing out a guess here but I imagine you could build this with any of the major cloud providers (Azure, AWS, GCP, …). They all offer object storage, APIs for accessing object storage, and robust access control mechanics and you can link them all with Auth0 via Enterprise Connections.