No redirect after Google Two Step Verification in react native

I am using react-native-auth0 2.6.0, and am having an issue with users signing in with Google when additional verification is required. Most users signing on with Google have no issues, however, for certain users, their gmail account requires additional verifications. They are prompted to open their gmail app or go to a registered device, and when they do, they are prompted to Tap Yes if they are attempting to sign in. After tapping yes, the prompting window goes away, but they remain in their email, are not redirected back to the app, and when the return to the app the auth window is gone, but they are not signed in.

I have my redirect URLs setup, as specified in the documentation.

This issue sounds exactly like: Is Google 2 step verification working for others?
With the exception that, it sounds like this persons users have another way to get through, and mine are locked out. But this thread has no response on it, so I’m not sure how it was resolved.

Is this expected to work? What additional steps are required?


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