Ng-conf: Hardwired - Remote - April 1-3, 2020

Hi everyone! I’ll be at ng-conf: Hardwired !

Talk Title: The Role of Effects in NgRx Authentication
Talk Description: Building token authentication into an NgRx application can be overwhelming and confusing. Authentication is already a big, scary subject and so is NgRx. When you put them together, things get confusing fast. In this talk, we’ll do a comparison of how authentication in a vanilla Angular app differs from auth in an NgRx app. We’ll then see how the central nervous system of authentication shifts from a service in regular Angular to Effects in NgRx.

This talk will be practical and code-driven, leaving you equipped to tackle adding this feature to your NgRx application at work on Monday. You’ll learn how Effects can handle loading authentication state, navigate users to protected routes, and process tokens received from an identity provider. By the end, you’ll feel way better about tackling auth in NgRx!

I’ll post slides and resources here after the event!

Thank you so much for having me!

Here are my slides!

Edit: Forgot the NgRx Conf discount code!

Thanks @sam.julien great talk!!

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Heard your talk! Do you have an example app or sample repository with some best practices with NgRx and Authentication?

Thank you @ajonp!

@wallace41290 this is the sample app I’ve been tinkering with lately:

I’m also collaborating with one of our Ambassadors on an updated article for the Auth0 blog, so stay tuned.

Thank you for this talk! I was following this approach in my applications, but didn’t know what other people would think about it. This talk inspired met to publish my auth code in a new GitHub project @thecla/auth0-angular

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That’s awesome @HWouters, glad to hear it!