New User login issue

Dear All,
Since last week we are experiencing issues with signing in new users to our Auth0 tenant.

Adding a user is successful but the moment they try to login in, the system complains about invalid username and password.

Can someone please help?

Hi @ara, welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I think it would be helpful to have more context so I can try to troubleshoot the issue. Are you receiving an error, or just not being able to log in with your credentials? Are you able to log in during the initial sign up? Are you using one of our SDKs? If so, which one?


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Hi @dan.woda: I am using the site to register new users. When they try to log in with the credentials to the site, it keeps complaining that credentials are wrong and then starts giving the message that the user is blocked.
When the user blocked message comes, the user is still shown as active on the site if we check with any other old login.

Hi @ara,

Are you getting any specific error codes? Could you DM me a screen shot of the error you are experiencing.